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The Best and Most AffordableDivorce Attorney in Los Angeles

If you are considering filing for divorce, or have been served papers by your spouse, you will typically need to involve a professional and knowledgeable divorce attorney. At the Working People’s Law Center in Los Angeles, we believe the decision you make have significant impact on the outcome of your case. We welcome you to get in touch with us so that we may offer a confidential consultation for an honest evaluation on your case.

Our low-cost and incredibly affordable services have been proven to offer positive results for our clients. We give each client compassionate and dedicated service to help guide them toward the right legal choice. 

With the help and legal guidance of experienced divorce attorneys, you will reduce substantial amount of uncertainty and stress that accompanies the regular divorce process

Ending your marriage impacts you from personal, legal and financial standpoints. Instead of stressing about high rates and expensive lawyer fees, let one of our low-cost lawyers help address your sensitive issues. Get in touch with us today so that one of our competent divorce attorney can help and explain your legal options, prepare your case, file initiating papers, and proceed through every aspect of the matter to trial.

Our Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers Can Help Simplify the Divorce Process

Sometimes a divorce procedure can take six months or longer to complete if litigation is necessary, or if the client has no idea how to complete divorce papers and filings. In Los Angeles, we at the Working People’s Law Center take pride in successfully representing our clients through all sorts of divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys believe in providing proper legal guidance to anyone who needs it, regardless of their budget or financial state. This is why we gladly provide budget-friendly and low-cost legal help from professional lawyers for anyone going through a divorce in Los Angeles. We aim to ease the divorce process by making everything as simple and transparent for the client as possible. Our goal is to give our clients the satisfaction and outcome they want.

Parties proceeding through divorces will be likely faced with very emotional decisions as well as legal issues. Every divorce comes with a set of issues different from other cases. However, the most common of problems often include child custodychild support and parenting time; spousal support; property, business and retirement division, as well as the division of marital homes. In some divorces, the parties are able to reach an agreement as to certain issues. However, other issues may require Arbitration and/or Court proceedings for resolution. Whatever issues you are facing, divorce attorneys from the Working People’s Law Center will happily provide you with strong legal skills to help you in court and advise you each step along the way.

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Our core areas of practice are family law, criminal law, and civil rights law. If you are arrested for civil disobedience, we will represent you for free! We also house the law offices of Sam Baumer , who specializes in immigration, asylum and LGBT law. Please call us if you have a problem, or a “friend” with a problem, and we will give you a free consultation.